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in pin pads capturing credit card and pin numbers at 63 stores across the nation. 20 stores in california were affected by the crime. six are here in the bay area. frequent customers sar have hasn't seen suspicious activity on her card. -- natalie says her personal information has been stolen in the past. while this is concerting she says it is a common problem. >> i am surprised. when i think about the credit card fraud and how we can always get it returned back i'm not too concerned. >> reporter: only one pin pad was hacked at each location affecting less than 1% of the devices. all the machines were disconnected september 14th, after the company learned about the hack no word on how long the bugs were in use in the machines or why it took the company more than one month to disclose the data breach. >> i would have a problem with it if the credit card companies were not proactive in reversing the fees and problem then that would bother me >> there are so many other ways that credit cards get stolen is -- may as well do cash. >> reporter: barnes & noble is urging customers to change the
. >>> supporters of california's ban on same-sex marriage will have to wait long ter to find out what the supreme court is going to do. the court released a list of cases it will not consider between now and june. prop 8 was not on that list that. means support still has until november 19th, to decide whether it will take the case. -- january 1st, california becomes the first state to ban controversial form of psychotherapy aimed at turning gay teenagers straight. governor brown signed that bill into law last night. the senator who wrote it says it stops children from being psychologically abuse. conservative religious groups and some republicans argue that law hinders parental rights. >>> new era for grocery shoppers in san francisco you have to bring your own shopping bags or pay. part of the crackdown on plastic bags you don't bring your own bags, you are going to be charged 10 cents for a bag. next year restaurants will be that ban designed to help san francisco reach zero waste goal. >> just carry -- [ unintelligible ] the first presidential debate two days away how the candidates are prepar
in southern california. some weren't buying that. >> i think it is outrageous. i'm not sure what the reason is for that. i don't believe what is being purported. >> reporter: in menlo park although turnout -- low turnout at shell because of prices $5.505 -- regular unleaded so many fives the owner had to use upside down twos. >> i thought i need to get where i'm going i come in like i do once a week and fill up and i unfortunately, i don't pay attention to prices. >> reporter: this man refuses to let raised prices raise his blood pressure. >> the prices are going to do what they are going to do. they go up, down, i'm not going to let it bother me it >> reporter: another way to not let it bother you is to know where the best gas prices are where you live. download the free waze app to your phone. it will take you to a place that you can get reasonably priced gas, lowest gas around. you want to drive 10 miles for gas, you can do that too. this morning i was in menlo park we saw in the package, $5.05 for regular, less than three mill miles away you can get it for $4.70, 60 or 50 the waze app c
of murder in hercules will be extradited to california. darnell antonia washington were arrested near seattle. they are wanted in southern california on charges that include a prison escape and shooting at a deputy when arrested the kim was driving the stolen car owned by susie ko the retired teacher from hercules found murdered in her home october 5th. >>> right now a judge is holding a closed hearing to determine if a teen charged with attempted murder and stealing a lamb gain any will stand trial. max wade is charged with several felony counts. he stole the lamborghini to impress a girl then shot at her and boyfriend after she rejected him. >>> port of oakland commissioner are meeting tonight to consider legal action against one of their own officials accused of spending thousands of public money at a strip club. the board says an audit shows a port official spent $4500 at a houston strip club in 2008. the board didn't discover where the money was spent until earlier this year. the commissioners met friday and will resume this evening. >>> stanford university is basking in the glow
with other state mental health workers throughout california are observing this two year anniversary of the murder of a psychiatric tech donna gross was killed on-the-job by a patient in 2010. hospital union workers will be joined by state assembly workers tonight at napa state hospital. hospitals statewide have made changes as a result of the tragedy. >>> san bruno city council will vote on a measure tonight that calls for forcing out the head of the public utilities commission eight people died september 2010, their families accuse the puc chairman of making backroom deals with pg&e and not working to protect the public. >>> police plan to release more details on the case of missing teenaged girl from petaluma found safe in the central valley. 15-year-old ruby mendoza, was last seen getting in a car with her godfather a 29-year-old and another man last wednesday yesterday afternoon police in fresno received a tip she was in a home south of fresno. police went to the house identified ruby and arrested the man. >>> giants fever is gripping the bay coming off of last night's epic seri
his way up from southern california. right now you are looking at a live picture near bakersfield where the president will be speaking shortly this is ken salazar speaking now announcing a new national monument honoring the late farm leader cesar chavez. >>> he boarded air force one th morning after celebrity fundraisers. for the first time he needled himself over the poor debate performance last week. >> 4:00 this afternoon he will be at the international continental hotel. protesters are planning a march and rally to demand end to united states military action. traffic restrictions are in place near the hotel and at the civic auditorium. complete live team coverage of the president's visit starting at 4:00. >>> meantime, the president's republican challenger mitt romney is focusing on foreign policy. today he said mr. obama's failure to protect american embassy workers in libya led to the death of ambassador chris stevens last month. >> reporter: mitt romney shifted his focus today to foreign policy. >> the tax on our consulate on september 11th, 2012 was likely the work of forc
and california has become the banking state. if you look at where the most money has come, not only for obama but for romney, california is number one. >> reporter: it began last night with a roundtable for 25 wealthy donors. each patron paid $40,000. then the president met with 100 people who paid $20,000 each to have dinner with him in the bill graham civic auditorium. outside the venue, 100 people staged protests against various policies, from the use of drones in pakistan, to the federal crackdown on marijuana. >> the president: i love you back, thank you everybody! >> reporter: the president ended the day at a concert for 6,000 supporters at the auditorium tickets started at $200 per person. he alluded to his debate last week. >> the president: i had a bunch of of folks come to me, don't be so polite, don't be so nice. [ cheering ] president -- >> the president: but i want everybody to understand something, what was being presented wasn't leadership, that's salesmanship. [ cheering ] >> the president: and we cannot afford another round of tax cuts for the wealthy. >> reporter: mr. obama
stabbed to death had her home. washingtons wanted in a southern california jail-break and nonfatal shooting of an l.a. county sherry's deputy. >>> the two vice presidential candidates in kentucky making final preparations for a showdown that is more important after last week's presidential debate. katie marzullo with a new poll. >> reporter: according to rasmussen polling voters are attaching less importance to tonight's debate compared to the one four years ago but they think ryan will do more to help his running mate than joe biden. vice president biden touched down in kentucky this morning. he's been going about business as usual and playing his cards close to his vest. >> what eye been doing mostly is -- what i've been doing mostly, is studying up on congressman ryan's position on the issues. >> reporter: congressman ryan arrived last night. >> i know how he will come and attack us. the problem he has is he has barack obama's record he has to run on many >> reporter: democrats the morning building up biden. >> he is who he is. i'm hoping that comes on tonight i think the person
fast, 26 cents in the last week -- according to aaa average price in california dropped by the biggest amount for one week. gallon of regular in san francisco will cost $4.29 down from $4.51 a week. oakland $4.15. san jose $4.12, 28 cent drop if a week ago. >> still expensive. >> yeah. -- >> mike has been checking the latest on that hurricane sandy. >> amazing what is happening trying to push that water into that small area delaware bay, hudson bay that's why you can see everything is rising and flooding that's why this is the real deal compared to some of the others that haven't panned out before. back home, good morning, still have issues here as we come up on 11:20 from mount tamalpais, a lot of cloud cover around case the next couple of hours or so as that starts to fade off. east bay hills, east bay valleys fog was never an issue from vollmer peak in the east bay hills towards diablo. here at home, just picking up cloud cover, a little mist in morning which is what you get with fog, no drizzle and no rain, not expecting any until we get to wednesday, unfortunately the timing is go
. then it looks like it might head a little south into southern california, cut off lows have a mind of their own we'll watch it for you. waterfront low 60s with a few peeks of sun not bad, breezy, 69 in the city, 74 palo alto, 79 over the hills and we'll look for the monterey bay to slowly clear today lots of clouds around now. here's a look ahead, couple degrees of cooler tomorrow into saturday then maybe a few raindrops monday and tuesday. what would you do if you won $49,000? big question. with abc, you will find out, we are giving away $49,000 for all our facebook friends. everybody is eligible whether you are a new fan or about with us for a while enter the sweepstakes go to our facebook page, film out a short form and could you win. go to abc7 news. winner october 18th, after the 49ers game we'll announce the winner. i'm anxious to see who it is. lots of folks trying to win, good luck. >> you still have time to enter. >>> new study out you have uc berkeley links common chemical to hormone changes in pregnant women and their baby boys. compound bpa mimics female hormone estrogen mothers wit
it could have happened. thirty days and still no answers. the point republican darrell issa of california head of the house oversight committee made clear as he spoke about the consulate attack that killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. >> it is a long time to wait. >> reporter: today's hearing is supposed to determine if ambassador stevens had adequate security. the chairman of the subcommittee read part of a statement. >> certainly, not an environment where posts should be decked to normalize operations and reduce security resources in -- in accordance with an artificial timetable. >> reporter: the former head of a military team in libya is saying the consulate never had forces it needed to protect itself and stevens knew he was in danger. >> in june, the ambassador received a threat on facebook with a public announcement. >> reporter: still, some committee members have questions. >> he told the committee -- the total committee there should have been five agents in benghazi. in other interviews conducted yesterday, we learned there were, that there were in fact, fiv
on its way to the california science center. hundreds of spectators cheered from the sidewalks as the shuttle passed at two miles an hour. indivorce was backed into a shopping center parking lot that's where it sits now being prepared for the next leg crossing over 405 tonight. >>> giants drying off from the champagne showers looking forward to finding out which team they face in the national league championship series. they beat the reds yesterday. posey's grand-slam in the fit led the giants to a 6-4 victory. tonight's game between the cardinals and the nationals will determine which of those two teams the giants will face for the title and whether sunday's first game will be in san francisco or washington, d.c.. >> different story in oakland. a's fans are thanking their team for a fantastic season. the cinderella team lost last night in game five of their division series. tigers shut them out 6-0. the fans say what a ride it was in losing gave their team a standing ovation. that's so classy. >> well deserved. they came from behind, that was great >>> the presidential candida
millions of californians are better prepared for the big one. the great california shakeout happened about an hour ago across the state and country. schools, businesses, government buildings all took part in the drop, cover and hold on drill. on the streets a group called safety first simulated a temblor. >>> people talking a stunning meteor shower that lit up over the sky. you can see a couple bright flashes. many report hearing a big boom around 7:30 last one expert believes debris may have landed near martinez. astonomers say we may see more the next few nights if you caught the meteor on camera, we want to see it. e-mail to ureport. >>> one said it might have been as big as a car. >> that's big. >> meteorologist mike nicco. >>> clouds on the increase overnight you may want to head to higher ground after tonight. we'll talk about how much these item are going to tumble nearly 20° over the weekend rain in the forecast good chance next week. i'll have the forecast for the 49ers game. >>> what a day for football and baseball. the giants get ready to battle from behind in the national >>>
is getting underway. >> reporter: the california highway patrol is just right now beginning a closure of the westbound fast lane here on the san mateo bridge. the entire bridge all lanes both directions, will be closed beginning 10 tonight. traffic is flowing smoothly on the san mateo bridge now. later today that won't be the case. the bridge closes this weekend for a three million dollar project to replace a temporary fix made two years ago. in october 2010, inspectors found a cracked steel beam under the bridge one of a series of wish-bone shaped beams connected to concrete girders that support bridge. at the time steel plates were secured above and below the failed beam. >> we designed a new system for where the tressel meets the incline on the bridge. what we're putting this is 12 new sections of the bridge and new seismic joint that allows the bridge to move during the event of a quake. >> reporter: caltrans needed to get this project finished before the rain if i season, after dumbarton work was down and while the 49ers are away. for commuter mike, any closure comes at a bad tim
have it up there so it can get the storm quickly once it starts to move into california. cloud cover you can see the morning clouds, low clouds, fog dissipating at a slower clip than yesterday. we still have half mile at santa rosa quarter mile novato up to a mile in napa, 2 1/2 mile visibility in san jose. still thick because it is going to hang around longer, all of us still in the 50s until you get to east bay valleys, low to mid 60s. monterey bay and inland mid to upper 50s mainly cloudy. late bay sunshine another cool day rain tomorrow evening for halloween drier and warmer weekend. first, talk about how the clouds back to the coast by late this afternoon, keeping new the 60s with san francisco and san mateo, low to mid 70s everywhere else except east bay valleys upper 70s. 67 monterey everybody else the mid 70s around the bay. tonight mainly cloudy, maybe a little drizzle as we start to infuse the atmosphere with moisture overnight do not believe the fog will be as thick as it was this morning many very mild, low to mid 50s we should be in the 40s in most areas. two areas of hi
. >> we have great fans here, where are you guys from? >> i'm from southern california. >> how about you? >> sonoma. >> how long did it take to paint your face like that? >> five minutes. >> ten minutes probably. >> mom and dad are okay with you cutting school today? >> yes. >> are they with you? >> yes. >> we won't tell the principal of your school that you are here, except you are on tv. oh boy. >> it is like a holiday. >> is. you are ready for trick-or-treating tonight. how about you? what was the most fun part of the day? >> just seeing the parade. gentleman they are coming back we are not leaving this is -- this is too much fun. >> we are waiting for the giants we've been standing here for hours. [ cheering and screaming ] >> a lot of folks feel the same way they are wondering what is happening this is a little street sweeping action and there's a lull at start here and people are wondering are we going to see the players? the officer just told me that yes, they will in fact, once the players get on to market they will come here to the foot of market and make a u-turn. they will be
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